How To Fight Back Against Bag Bans


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English: First page of Constitution of the United States Česky: První strana originálu Ústavy Spojených států amerických Español: La página primera de la Constitución de los Estados Unidos de América (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A number of readers have recently asked the question, “what can we do to fight back against bag bans?”  In response, we developed a paper titled “How To Fight Back Against Bag Bans” that list steps that most citizens can take.  It is important to recognize that proponents of bag bans including politicians, are under a very powerful and emotional spell of political correctness where being seen as “green” is more important than facts or the truth.  Which means, that no matter what you say, they will ignore it.  The only thing that these politicians understand is a lawsuit, a recall election, or a citizen’s initiative to overturn the bag ban.

So what can you do to fight back?  First, you got to involve yourself in the battle.  Are you willing to spend personal time?  If so, click on the following link: How To Fight Back Against Bag Bans.

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