California Localities Temporarily Reverse Plastic Bag Ban

Yosemity National Park Mirror Lake by Dietmar Rabich (Creative Commons License)

The COVID-19 virus pandemic has seen an unprecedented reaction by our government officials in shutting down the economy, stay at home orders, and shortages of essential items at grocery, department and drug stores.  One noteworthy change is that stores seeking to protect their employees and customers will no longer accept customer supplied reusable bags and instead recommend the use of store-provided paper or plastic bags all without charging the mandatory 10-cent fee.

San Francisco, the California city where the plastic bag ban got its start, has temporarily banned customer supplied reusable bags for sanitary reasons.  Specifically, the city is “not permitting customers to bring their own bags, mugs, or other reusable items from home.”

In addition, Governor Chris Sununu from the state of New Hampshire announced that reusable bags will be temporarily banned during the COVID-19 outbreak and that all retail stores will be required to use single-use paper or plastic bags.

Other states like Maine and New York have postponed implementation of, or enforcement of plastic bag bans until after the pandemic is over.

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California Localities Temporarily Reverse Plastic Bag Ban


2 thoughts on “California Localities Temporarily Reverse Plastic Bag Ban

  1. Great article, that points out common sense: Reusable bags and items should NEVER be allowed in any food related establishment (grocery stores, restaurants, farmer’s markets, etc.). It is well known that people hardly ever clean or wash their reusable bags. And who could ever check the condition of people’s reusable cups?
    And the fact that these are temporarily banned show there is actually a health threat from these items, even after our current crisis.
    We should pass laws that ban reusable bags (and other reusable items) in food related establishments.

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