Bag Bans: Officials Neglect Homework!

Misguided officials in more and more California communities are adopting plastic carryout bag bans and, in their haste to jump on the latest Eco-Fad bandwagon, fail to perform due diligence in attempting to solve a complex problem.  Little to no effort is spent actually analyzing the problem or coming up with possible alternative solutions.  So starts a newly released article that identifies the failures of City and County Officials to investigate and find traditional solutions in favor of implementing a totalitarian solution to force a particular lifestyle on the people of this country, a country that is supposed to be the land of the free and home of the brave.

To read the new article click on the following link:  Bag Bans Officials Neglect Homework.

This hard hitting article is a must read for citizens who want to see how their elected officials are failing to perform due diligence.


2 thoughts on “Bag Bans: Officials Neglect Homework!

  1. OK, so what can we do about it? We live in an apathetic state run by far-left zealots. Courts have upheld the ban. The tax on paper bags might be illegal, but people won’t care. They just follow rules like lemmings off a cliff. How can we fight this?

  2. Thank you for your comment. That is a very good question. Lets keep it simple. (1) Press the Follow button on the right and enter your email address. That way you will get an email when new articles are posted to this blog. (2) Go to the Documents menu item and begin to read the many articles about plastic bag bans and associated issues. Educate yourself! (3) If a plastic bag ban exists in the area you live or shop, purchase your own plastic bags as a protest. Hand out a few to other needy shoppers. Or pay for paper bags not that expensive. (4) An initiative will have to be created and signatures collected from eligible voters in each jurisdiction where a bag ban is in place. If sufficient signatures are collected the issue will be put on the ballot and voters will have the opportunity to override city and county officials. We are planning to do an article on how to go about doing this in the near future, based upon the experience of people who have done so.

    One more thing, if an EIR is in process in your local area and open for public comment, read the document and comment. Attend meetings and tell officials the kind of things that need to be done and how they are neglecting their duties and responsibilities.

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