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Shopping will cost more with Plastic Bag Ban

Protecting the environment from plastic carryout bags is going to make your shopping a lot more expensive.  If community leaders have their way, a plastic bag ban is in your future.

A plastic bag ban normally involves a ban on plastic carryout bags and a fee of 10 or 25-cents on paper bags.  The fee is intended to coerce you to purchase and use reusable bags.

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The Downside of Reusable Shopping Bags

Many people have been misled to think that using a reusable shopping bag is an environmentally friendly solution to using plastic bags.  Proponents of plastic bag bans, like the proverbial used car salesman, point out the advantages of the reusable bag and never talk about the disadvantages.  For example, they will never tell you about the health hazards associated with the reusable bag.

First, reusable bags can become contaminated by meat juices, moisture, and traces of nutrients from food items and become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, mold, and coliforms including E. Coli.  Bacteria are known to increase by 10-fold if bags are stored in the trunk for as little as two hours.  Bacteria can be transferred to packaged food items during the transport home, and ultimately to your hands and to your mouth when packages are opened and food items are ingested. Continue reading The Downside of Reusable Shopping Bags