Referendum Petitions Available For Signature

California_State_Capitol_Building_512Signature collection has begun for the Referendum Petition to overturn the California State-Wide Bag Ban (SB 270).  Many registered voters can sign petitions at store entrances in shopping centers where signature gatherers are allowed.  Be sure to stop and sign the referendum petition to force the statewide bag ban bill (SB 270) to voter approval before it can be implemented.

If you do not want the government to take away your choice of bags and force you to pay for paper bags that were previously free, or if you believe in the due process of the people, then make an effort to sign the petition to demand a public vote.  Remember, a public vote has never been taken on this bag ban in California, despite it having been enacted in over 100 cities!

Stop The Bag Ban citizens group has joined in the effort to collect signatures of registered voters to qualify the referendum.  While many of the signatures will be gathered by paid signature collectors, volunteer signature collection shows that the people want to see this go to a vote just as badly as the bag manufacturers, whose businesses are under attack by this bill.

The media will portray this battle as between the well-intentioned environmental groups and the evil bag manufacturers, but completely neglect the common citizens who have to struggle the most under this silly bag ban!

Stop The Bag Ban citizens group has received petitions that are available for signing. If you are interested in making a statement by collecting your own signatures (at no cost), then email them your name, address, and targeted number of signatures and they will send you some petitions.

Note that the signature collection period will be closing very quickly, in order to review the signatures, ensure they are sufficient, and submit them prior to the petition period closing in late December. Thus, all signatures must be received back by mail no later than Tuesday, November 11 (Veteran’s Day).

You may email them at:

Be sure to include your name, address, and targeted total number of signatures you can collect before November 11. There are 9 signatures per petition.

Let’s make a statement to the media and fellow citizens that we the people want to vote on this imposition by the state into our personal choices of the type of bags we want at the store!

Alternatively, you can also obtain petitions from Bag the Ban, fill out the form and they will mail a petition to you.


3 thoughts on “Referendum Petitions Available For Signature

  1. Are they going to have paid signature gatherers? I don’t like to duplicate work, or take away their income. I like to know where they are, etc.

  2. Yes, the plastic bag companies have paid a firm to collect signatures. The goal is to collect more than 500,000 valid signatures. I have heard last Sunday from a gentlemen we both know that he encountered a signature collector for this issue in front of a Ralphs store. I have not personally run into one yet. You have the option to sign the petition with one of the professional signature collectors or to request a petition, for example to make sure that all your family member sign the petition, even those who do not do the household shopping.

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