Reusable Bags and Health Hazards

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Biosafety level 4 hazmat suit: researcher is working with the Ebola virus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The previously published article titled “Bacterial and Viral Health Hazards of Reusable Shopping Bags” has been updated to include the potential role that a reusable shopping has the potential to transmit the Ebola and other viruses to infect others.

The article discusses that if reusable shopping bags are not washed on a regular basis, there will be a buildup of bacteria, yeast, mold, and coliforms which if they come in contact with food items could be a potential health hazard. The article also discusses an incident investigated by Public Health officials that demonstrated that a reusable bag can act as a carrier to transmit the Norovirus and make other people sick. We conclude from this incident, that if a reusable bag can transmit the Norovirus, that it can also transmit other viruses, such as the influenza virus and Ebola virus, as well. Prevention is very simple, take the time to wash and sanitize your bag.

The article also discusses two population groups who are at risk including immunocompromised individuals and the homeless.

  • Individuals who are Immunocompromised are not capable of battling infections because of a weakened immune system.
  • The homeless who live in the street, in their vehicles, or in make shift housing comprised of tents, crates, and cardboard boxes in encampments located in river bottoms, under freeway overpasses, and empty lots have living conditions that can be dangerous to one’s health and no means to wash and sanitize reusable bags.

Local and state wide bag bans make a tradeoff between health and the environment in favor of the environment.  To read more click on the following link: Bacterial and Viral Health Hazards Of Reusable Shopping Bags


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