Disposal of Plastic Carryout Bags

Disposal of plastic carryout bags requires care to prevent bags from becoming windblown litter.  The following are some helpful suggestions:

  • Recycle plastic carryout bags through the Recycle Bin at the Grocery Store.
  • If your Recycling Bin at the Grocery Store allows for recycling of plastic bags and wraps other than plastic carryout bags, take advantage of this by recycling clean plastic bags and wraps as follows:
    • Clean produce bags
    • Bread Bags
    • Newspaper bags
    • Dry cleaning bags
    • Wraps from toilet paper, paper towels, diapers, water bottles, etc.
  • If your curbside recycling bin allows plastic bags and wraps be sure to follow directions from your waste management company.  Some companies require plastic bags and wraps to be put in a clear plastic bag and securely tied.
  • Never dispose of an empty single plastic carryout bag in a trashcan in a public area.  If you cannot avoid this, then simply tie the empty bag is a knot to prevent it from becoming windblown litter.
  • When disposing of multiple carryout bags use one of the bags to contain the others, and drop off at a recycling container in a nearby grocery store or take home for recycling.  If you cannot avoid disposal in a public trashcan, be sure the bundle is heavy enough to prevent it from becoming windblown litter.

Remember, All of us have the responsibility to keep the environment free of litter!